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3 questions for Elisabeth Humbert-Dorfmüller – author of the article « Democracy and party politics during economic collapse : The case of Greece »

As Greece is just exiting the last bail-out package after a long and serious crisis, Elisabeth Humbert-Dorfmüller – co-author with Lefteris Antonopoulos of the article « Democracy and party politics during economic collapse : The case of Greece » answers to EuroCité’s questions. In 3 points, she brings light on the Greek political situation during the crisis and…

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What will France’s role in Europe be over the next five years?

  After this year elections in France, the political landscape of the country has evolved. What influence will it have on France’s role in Europe? How will France’s neighboring countries react? EuroCité gathered some experts from Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom to answer these questions. Find out about their point of view in…


Elisabeth Humbert-Dorfmüller on France 24 english

Elisabeth Humbert-Dorfmüller, in charge of the EuropeanObservatoire de la Gauche Européenne at EuroCité, was on France 24 english on the 30th of June. She commented Germany’s decision to allow same-sex marriage.

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EuroCité’s website’s getting a makeover!

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Michel Aglietta and Nicolas Leron “The Eurozone: Looking For The Sovereign”

Michel Aglietta and Nicolas Leron published an article on Social Europe “The Eurozone: Looking For The Sovereign” to advocate for a real budget in the Eurozone. Find the article on Social Europe : [button url=’’ size=’small’ style=’magenta’] Article [/button]