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Democracy and party politics during economic collapse: The case of Greece

  The 2009 economic, social and political crisis in Greece has left its mark on European minds, but also on the Greek political landscape. It resulted in the victory of the Greek radical left party SYRIZA at the 2015 elections, perceived as the expression of the people's discontents. Despite its...

EU seen from the Fringe : The Norway Elections

  On 11th September 2017 Norwegians went to the polls in the parliamentary elections. In the solidly social-democratic nation – the Labour party has led in every single election since 1927 – the Left were expected by many to win and form a new government after four years of a...
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What will France’s role in Europe be over the next five years?

  After this year elections in France, the political landscape of the country has evolved. What influence will it have on France’s role in Europe? How will France's neighboring countries react? EuroCité gathered some experts from Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom to answer these questions. Find out about...
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Policy Aims for the Global Left

How shall we define the political Left today? Redefining its identity is an existential challenge for the European Left, and one that is inherent to its very nature. It comes with setting aims in terms of public policy. The Left in the 21st Century must reassess these in the light...
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Scotland and Brexit

Scotland and Brexit: Going beyond the emotional dimension in what distinguishes Scotland from the rest of the UK   On 28th June 2016, the moving speech by the Scottish National Party (SNP) MEP Alyn Smith received a standing ovation in the European Parliament when many of his British colleagues were still...
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Israeli Socialism is dead, long live Nationalism?

The passing of Shimon Peres marks the end of an era in Israeli politics. More than just a statesman, he embodied the symbol of a winning and dominating left, that now belongs to the past. Hope and ambition repeatedly give in to defeat and misery as successive ballots produce the...

Van der Bellen won Austria’s repeat presidential election: Why did his populist opponent even lose votes since May?

Van der Bellen won Austria’s repeat presidential election: Why did his populist opponent even lose votes since May? On Tuesday 6 December, the final results of the repeated run-off of the Austrian presidential election were announced, with former Green party leader Alexander van der Bellen winning with 53.79% against Norbert Hofer...
Austrian Parliament, July 2007

Note : « Progressive Politics in Austria – A never-ending presidential election », Mario Gavenda

Austrian Parliament, July 2007 Progressive Politics in Austria: A Never-ending Presidential Election and other Challenges Mario Gavenda presents his view on the challenges progressive Austria is facing in the current Presidential campaign. Earlier this year, the Constitutional Court rejected the results of last April's poll due to potential...

Labour and the post-Brexit landscape: where now?

On June 24th the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, plunging the UK into political and constitutional, as well as economic, chaos. In normal times, one may have expected the Labour Party, as the main opposition to the government, to be able to capitalise on the forced resignation...
15 October 2014, Plenary opening session: Rethinking EU communications
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Belgium - Brussels - October 2014 
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Paper : Sandro Gozi, Towards a united European Left

A better integration of the European Left will result in more progressive politics In response to the challenges faced by European social-democracy, Fondation Jean-Jaurès and EuroCité present a paper by Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs Sandro Gozi. Mr Gozi develops ideas for transformation and innovation within progressive parties...