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EuroCité regularly publishes articles on topics related to the European Union and European citizenship. Our aim is to provide background knowledge and key readings for a better comprehension of European current affairs as well as proposing possible solutions to Europe’s major challenges. Our articles are divided into three categories: “Political Europe”, “Europe in the World” and “Economy and society”. Anyone interested in these topics should not hesitate to propose their written contributions in one of the following languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Maltese. For more information, click on the tab “Support us”.

EuroCité’s Blog

In order to raise awareness about the big European questions of our time, it is essential to keep up with political, intellectual, and cultural current affairs and listen to the voices of experts. That is why, EuroCité has created its own blog to publish concise opinion pieces on European current events. The blog is meant to be a space for discussion and exchange and is open to any external contributions.

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Interviews with MEPs

In the run-up to the 2019 European elections, EuroCité has interviewed several Members of the European Parliament, asking them about their personal assessment of their five-year term as representatives and the future of the EU. EuroCité has organised a similar project during the corona pandemic lockdown, publishing video analyses of MEPs on the political, societal, and economic challenges of the crisis.  You can find the contributions here: “MEPs’ Corner“.


Since 2016, EuroCité coordinates a collective project called “EuroCiné”, composed of different pro-European organisations and student societies and that consists in public and free-of-charge film screenings followed by a panel discussion. The films that are being shown come from a variety of European countries and focus on social and environmental topics. The screenings are followed by an open discussion with experts on the topics treated in the movie or with the film crew itself. EuroCiné aims at encouraging a lay audience to discuss European citizenship and values in an entertaining way. In 2018, the project was awarded the “Label Paris Europe” by the City of Paris. It also actively contributed to the European public consultation on the future of Europe. For the dates of our next screenings, click on the tab “EuroCiné”.

15 October 2014, Plenary opening session: Rethinking EU communications
EuroPCom 2014  #europcom 
Belgium - Brussels - October 2014 
© European Union / Wim Daneels


With its partner organisations, EuroCité strives to offer regular talks on current European affairs and questions. They are open to everyone and free of charge.


As a citizens’ initiative, EuroCité is open to all forms of new partnerships with organisations and societies that are looking for exciting, innovative synergies. Among others, EuroCité has partnered with many different pro-European organisations, student societies and educational initiatives. We are also very pleased to have recently established a new partnership with the student society “Carrières internationales” of the Paris-based institute ISIT (Institut supérieur d’interprétation et traduction).