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6-Hour Working Day: the Swedish Story

  The myth of Sweden having introduced a 6-hour working day has spread around the world in many newspaper articles in the past few years. But no steps towards legislation for a shorter working day have been introduced in Sweden. What has taken place are trials with 6-hour working days (with maintained salary) in several publicly...

Basel Regulations and the European Union

The Basel committee is the main contributor to financial regulation in Europe through transposition of its guidance into European law. This guidance has a significant impact on the orientation of European economies, and as such the European people should have better knowledge and power of decision on the transposition of...
Rroms 2

Reflecting on and taking responsibility for the “Rroma question”

The “Rroma question” is a salient indicator of the crisis facing our political project and our public policies. A majority of institutions and European Member States are failing to treat the problem in a calm and efficient manner and are thus weakening their democratic foundations, built as they are on...