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Analysis of the Corona crisis by Josianne Cutajar (MEP)


Analysis of Niklas Nienaß on the Corona crisis


Analysis of the Corona health crisis by Tiemo Wölken (MEP)

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Our values


For the Europe

In the age of globalization, it is impossible to confine oneself to the national level. We believe in the alliance of European countries and promote a Europe that is more united, more democratic and more integrated.


For citizen participation

Europe may seem distant and complicated. Yet it is a political reality that concerns us all. It is essential to appropriate it to politicize it. Europe is not a priori determined, it is what we do with it.


For a progressive vision

Equality, humanism, ecology, feminism, collective and individual emancipation – we are resolutely committed to the values of the left and advocate a progressive vision of Europe. A vital political land, it is up to us progressives to cultivate it.

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