EU seen from the Fringe : The Norway Elections


On 11th September 2017 Norwegians went to the polls in the parliamentary elections. In the solidly social-democratic nation – the Labour party has led in every single election since 1927 – the Left were expected by many to win and form a new government after four years of a conservative/right wing-coalition. This was not to be, however, as the support for the Labour party got progressively weaker in the run-up to the election, with voters leaving left and right. In the end, the political Left failed to reach a majority and the Right clung on to power, albeit with a thinner margin than in the last election.

In this article, Axel Nygaard depicts the Norway political landscape and the relationship between Norway and the European Union. The semi-participation in the EU have by some been proposed as a possible model for Great Britain post-Brexit. This solution is however not without disadvantages.


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Illustration: 1994 campaign against EU membership © Kjellfrid-Bøthun

Axel Nygaard

Axel Geard Nygaard is a Norwegian freelance journalist. He is a graduate of Oslo University studying history and language and he spent time in Syria and Jordan studying Arabic. He has mainly written for the Norwegian daily Klassekampen.