Europeanising our National Parties!

Almost one year ago, EuroCité and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation co-organised a post-European election meeting, through their “European City” initiative, that brought together leftist European thinkers and activists in Paris. This initial gathering was followed by a public meeting on the question of how to europeanise national parties. From this, a working group was formed and has been meeting on a regular basis since February 2015.

This working group, coordinated by EuroCité and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, is made up of Christina Winroth, Secretary of the Swedish Social Democratic Party of Paris, Blaise Gonda, Project Manager at the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, Dídac Gutiérrez-Peris, European coordinator for the Catalan think-tank Rafael Campalans, Elisabeth Humbert, Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Germany of Paris, Nicolas Leron, President of the think-tank EuroCité, Evan O’Connell, Member of the British Labour Party of Paris, and Massimiliano Picciani, Secretary of the Italian Democratic Party of Paris.


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(Illustration : Aleksander Glogowski /

Cité européenne