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By  becoming a member of EuroCité, you allow the think tank to continue with its publications, actions and European development in favor of a progressive vision for Europe.

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Becoming a supporter of EuroCité : 30,00 € / year (student, job seeker : free participation)

  • You receive EuroCité’s newsletter as well as the invitations to EuroCité’s events,
  • You participate to punctual questionnaires of suggestions and you can submit your ideas to the group (projects, publications, missions),
  • You receive the EuroCité’s annual catalogue of publications under ebook format,
  • You are invited to assist to an annual conference presenting EuroCité’s work


Becoming a sponsor of EuroCité : free participation from 100,00 € / year

  • You have access to the same benefits as EuroCité’s supporters
  • You are (if you wish) personally thanked on EuroCité’s website for your involvement et the essential support you bring to our think tank.


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