EuroCité – Socialist section ENS Ulm Seminary

The Left is losing ground, both politically and intellectually. Activists and leaders keep on calling for “reinvention” of the Left or “a new foundation”. But those vague words never turn into real actions, those statements never turn into serious intellectual production. Because the Left hitherto does not successfully interpret the world, and doesn’t interpret itself in the world. What are the places, away from ideological stances and media constraints,  where the Left can take the time necessary for self-reconstruction and the building of a new future ? After this necessary realization, EuroCité and the Jean-Jaurès academic section of the socialist Party of Ecole normale supérieure Ulm have decided to react and gather to create a seminary, of academic inspiration and political essence. Its principle is both simple and ambitious. Once a month, at a fixed date, inside ENS Ulm, a group of thirty will gather around a contemporary hard-working and intellectually renowned speaker.

Each meeting will focus on a recent book or series of articles, that participating members will have read. After the speaker introduces the object of the meeting, and a controversy launched by a concerted protractor, a constructive and thorough discussion on the text studied will open with every participant. This seminary will pursue two objectives. The first will be the creation of a new reflection and formation space for Left activists, sympathizers and representatives, young and old, who wish to gather to develop an original thought on the general problems they are faced with, without forbidding any topic or theme. The second is the promotion and diffusion of the work done, through filming and recording of every meeting, in order to participate, slowly but surely, to the renewal of Leftist thought. The Seminary is only available for members of EuroCité and the Jean-Jaurès academic section of the socialist party.    


Program of meetings


  • Mardi 16 décembre 2014 − Colette Bec, professeure de sociologie à l’Université Paris Descartes, autour de son livre La sécurité sociale. Une institution de la démocratie, Gallimard, 2014.
  • Mardi 13 janvier 2015 − Philippe Askenazy, économiste et directeur de recherche à l’École d’économie de Paris, autour de son livre Les décennies aveugles. Emploi et croissance (1970-2011), Seuil, 2011.
  • Mardi 10 février 2015 − Nicolas Colin, inspecteur des finances et associé fondateur de TheFamily, autour de son livre L’âge de la multitude. Entreprendre et gouverner après la révolution numérique, Armand Colin, 2012, coécrit avec Henri Verdier.
  • Mardi 14 avril 2015 − Michel Aglietta, professeur émérite de sciences économiques à l’Université de Paris-X Nanterre et conseiller au CEPII, autour de son livre Europe. Sortir de la crise et inventer l’avenir, Michalon, 2014.
  • Mardi 12 mai 2015 − Matthieu Hély, sociologue à l’Université Paris Ouest, et Pascale Moulévrier, sociologue à l’Université de Nantes, autour de leur livre L’économie sociale et solidaire : de l’utopie aux pratiques, La Dispute, 2013.