Nicolas Leron

Nicolas Leron

Président fondateur d'EuroCité. Nicolas Leron est chercheur associé au Centre d'études européennes de Sciences Po Paris. Il est également vice-président de, site d'actualité des livres et des idées.

FILE PHOTO: The European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters are pictured in Frankfurt, Germany, December 7, 2017. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski/File Photo

Nicolas Leron about the ECB

On the 22nd of January 2018, Nicolas Leron, founding President of EuroCité, signed an article with prominent academics, including Thomas Piketty, Michel Aglietta and Ulrike Guérot. Their appeal : “There must be public debate on the renewal of the central bank”. This call for more democracy and more transparency in the European central bank takes…


The Eurozone: Looking For The Sovereign

The Eurozone – because it remains an incomplete construct – has reached a critical point where its very existence is at stake. The Greek crisis and its never-ending drama, with the July 5 referendum, the “Grexit” strategy of some member states, the July 13 in extremis agreement and the vote in favour of a third…

Grèce protestation (slider)

Europe on the Edge of the Democratic Cliff

Since the beginning of 2015, two opposed events (by virtue of their underlying rationales and their protagonists) have dominated the news in Europe: the ECB’s plan to buy massive amounts of sovereign debt and the electoral victory of Syriza in Greece. On the one hand, an independent European institution emancipated from a strict reading of…